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Cranbourne East Primary School

Visual Arts

At Cranbourne East Primary School everyone can be an artist and we encourage students to continually add interesting features to artworks. 

The Visual Arts program is creative and innovative. All Art lessons include an appreciative, creative and reflective element and focus on a variety of skills, styles and cultures. In later years students analyse and explain features and influences of their artworks.

Children are encouraged to take pride in their diversity, take risks, apply their imagination and confidently interpret their artworks in their own way. Art activities involve drawing, painting, textiles, printmaking, collage, sculpture, modelling with clay and other materials.

In addition, children have the opportunity to use digital technology to create Visual and Media Art productions. Children are encouraged to enter Art competitions and are invited to join lunchtime Art Clubs.

Our weekly online assembly provides a popular incentive and opportunity for students to display and share their artwork with the school community.