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Cranbourne East Primary School

Visual Arts

Visual Arts at Cranbourne East Primary School encourages students to become confident in creating a range of artworks and develop their appreciation of art in a variety of forms, styles and cultures. Students are encouraged to develop a positive attitude to Art and to express themselves both through their artworks and in discussions. 

Our motto in Visual Art is, 'We make Art not mistakes!' which encourages students to take risks and apply their imagination to their work. 

The students have a diverse range of opportunity to explore a range of media and participate in activities including drawing, painting, textiles, printmaking, collage, construction, modelling with clay, paper Mache and recycling materials. 

Our biennial ‘Create’ Art Exhibition celebrates the fantastic work produced by all our students and provides an excellent opportunity to share their work with the school community. 

At other times, student artwork will be displayed around the school and can often be seen on class blogs or the online assembly.