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Cranbourne East Primary School


Information and Communications Technology (ICT-Computers) is a fundamental component of education and learning in our school. We are proud to continue to provide students with a vast range of digital devices ranging from laptops, MacBooks, iPods, iPads and interactive televisions that are available to all classes and students every day.  

All students in Years 3-6 are able to communicate and collaborate through use of their own Google Accounts through the Google Apps for Education program. By working in the Google 'Cloud', students are now able to access their learning ‘24/7’ from any Internet enabled device.  

During the year the students demonstrate huge growth in student learning, engagement and communication skills. Coupled with our new School Portal, we look forward to enhancing the way we communicate and collaborate outside the four walls of a traditional classroom and school. 

Cranbourne East Primary School continues to explore the idea of developing Global Classrooms, with an increased use of blogging and ‘tweeting’ from classrooms as well as interaction with our weekly student online assembly (see the link on the website). We are continually increasing our student access to digital learning devices with the addition of iPad trolleys and computer trolleys.  We are also exploring new and innovative cutting edge technologies, which we shall share throughout the year.

e-Learning Vision

Cranbourne East Primary School is a leading school in incorporating eLearning strategies to engage and empower all learners (teachers and students), preparing students and staff to contribute confidently, effectively and innovatively within global communities.

Aims of e-Learning

  • To meet the requirements of the Victorian and National Curriculum.
  • To progress the relevant eSmart Classrooms initiatives into teaching and learning.
  • For children, parents, staff and the wider community to have relevant and meaningful experiences using Information and Communications Technology.
  • For children to have a growing awareness of how Information and Communications Technology is used in the world around us and of the benefits that it provides.
  • Information and Communications Technology is used to support problem solving and learning across all areas of the curriculum.

  • Innovative use of e-Learning resources
  • Long term resource planning demonstrates coverage and progression of the Student Information and Communications Technology expectations.
  • Opportunities are increased and embedded as a tool to support learning and teaching are identified in curriculum planning.


  • Teacher observations, summative and formative assessment informs future planning.
  • Students are encouraged to evaluate their own and others’ work in a positive and supportive environment.
  • Information is shared with appropriate stakeholders through display, online assembly, newsletters, reports, and relevant websites, including our school portal.

Health and Safety

  • Age appropriate class and safety rules are displayed in the learning environment
  • Equipment is maintained to meet the agreed safety standards
  • Students are taught how to be safe around computers and when moving around the space