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Cranbourne East Primary School


The term Maths, refers to the learning of Mathematical concepts and processes. Numeracy is having the skills and understanding needed in everyday life and work. This includes having the skills to solve problems and understand and explain solutions.

At Cranbourne East Primary School, we strive to deliver a Numeracy program that is engaging and linked to real life applications. Students participate in a range of hands on, open ended tasks where they are able to practise their Mathematic skills in a meaningful way. Students are aware of the learning outcome of each lesson and know what they are working towards. Thorough lesson planning ensures that all student’s needs and abilities are catered for.

Our Numeracy program follows the Australian Curriculum for Mathematics, including the implementation of the Proficiency Strands of understanding, fluency, problem solving and reasoning to ensure our students can not only ‘do the maths’ but understand how to solve problems and can explain their reasoning and strategies.