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Cranbourne East Primary School

Performing Arts

The Performing Arts program at Cranbourne East Primary School encourages all children to express their ideas and feelings through Music, Dance and Drama. Every student is given the opportunity to sing, dance, and act out drama skits while also using a variety of musical instruments. Students are given the opportunity to work on their own performances while also participating in group activities.

The students in Foundation to Year 2 learn the basics of beat, pitch, rhythm and movement through voice and instrumental playing. This is done with tuned and untuned percussion.

As the students progress into Year 3 and Year 4 they put these skills into a number of musical activities whether it be singing, instrumental or movement.

In Year 5 and Year 6 the students are required to expand and improvise on the fundamentals of music such as making up movement patterns for dances, acting out TV commercials and playing complex rhythms while also learning about the theory of music.

The children have numerous opportunities to showcase their talents and achievements through online assemblies and performances in class.

The school has a Choir which performs at school events and for local organisations.