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Cranbourne East Primary School


Program for Students with Disabilities

The Department of Education and Training – Victoria provides a range of policies, programs and resources for schools to support the delivery of high quality schooling for all students, including students with disabilities.

Cranbourne East Primary School is committed to supporting the achievement and participation of all students. The school makes ‘reasonable adjustments’ to accommodate a student with a disability according to the Disability Discrimination Act 1992.  An adjustment is a measure or action taken to assist a student with a disability to participate in education and training on the same basis as other students. Adjustments may, or may not require additional resources. Some students benefit from small adjustments to the curriculum such as the delivery of instructions in writing rather than verbally, sitting at the front of the classroom, or taking regular breaks to get up and move limbs or stretch their back. Others require more substantial adjustments, such as assistance with self-care or intensive supervision.

Who is eligible for the Program?

The Program for Students with Disabilities provides supplementary resources to schools to support the education of students with disabilities with moderate to severe needs. These students must meet the eligibility criteria for one of seven program categories. The eligibility criteria were developed from guidelines set by the World Health Organisation.