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Cranbourne East Primary School


As part of the Numeracy curriculum at Cranbourne East Primary School, we participate in the online program Mathletics. All students are provided with their own personal log in and password that can be used to access Mathletics via the Internet and through the Mathletics student App for tablets, anywhere, anytime. 

The students are able to log into Mathletics to complete curriculum based activities for their level as well as tasks that their teachers have set for them personally. Live Mathletics gives students the opportunity to compete against other students worldwide using their automatic recall of number facts. Resources such as a dictionary, Times Table Toons and Rainforest Maths are also available through the Internet site.

For every correct answer, students accumulate points. If one thousand points is achieved within the week, a bronze certificate is achieved. After 20 weeks of achieving 1000 points, a gold certificate is achieved. To celebrate this success, students are recognised both in our fortnightly newsletter and online assembly.

Mathletics can be accessed online:  www.mathletics.com.au