In every learning space at Cranbourne East Primary School two hours daily is designated to the student’s literacy development. Our reading program is based on the research based program CAFÉ. Our writing program is based on the successful program VCOP and encouraging student to build vocabulary and skills to improve writing. In our learning spaces there will also be a strong focus on spelling and oral language.

School wide we are using the CAFÉ reading program. This program emphasises the importance of comprehension, accuracy, fluency and expanded vocabulary. During this time students choose ‘just fit books’ at their own level and interest. The students participate in sustained reading where they read a variety of books for a set period of time. Teachers regularly meet with students to assess reading goals and identify reading strengths. 

We use the five days of writing to improve students writing skills and foster an enjoyment for writing. This includes a day focused on Vocabulary, students are encouraged to expand their language in their writing and in their everyday conversation. Other days in the writing program focus on word sorting and poetry, identifying the structures and features of text types and traits to improve writing. Students writing is based on experiences of visual literacies. This is incorporated with the successful VCOP program.

Spelling is also an everyday focus in each classroom. We focus on teaching students skills to improve their spelling and attempt unfamiliar words. In our junior school we place a large emphasis on phonological awareness and phonics however this is continued throughout all year levels. Skills in visual, etymological and morphemic spelling are also taught.

During our junior years students also participate in oral language sessions each week which focus on a range of different skills. Our teachers are trained to deliver this program by speech pathologist who support the teachers and students in the school.