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Cranbourne East Primary School

Literacy Intervention Program

The aim of the Literacy Intervention Program is to develop reading strategies introduced within the students’ Home Group learning environment. The program reinforces the students understanding of the strategies and enhances their ability to comprehend what they read. It aims also to improve word recognition and general fluency in a world where print is all around them. 

These sessions incorporate strategies introduced through the CAFÉ Reading Program, which is an integral part of our Literacy Learning in the students’ Home Room learning environment. This occurs in a small group situation that is designed to meet the individual learning needs of the students selected to be part of this program.

Vital to students continuing to progress along their learning journey is the support from home.

Every parent is encouraged to:

  • Ensure your child has the opportunity to read to someone each night, and the chance to talk about what they have been reading
  • Set aside a reading time each night. Pick a time that is good for everyone 
  • Record their nightly reading in their Reading Log
  • Revise nightly their Most Used Word lists
  • Read together. One person can read the book, or take it in turns
  • Keep favourite books around to share. It gives students the chance to re-read an old favourite and so build confidence
  • Older children can read to younger family members. This helps the reader to gain confidence
  • Pick a quiet reading place. It is important that everyone is comfortable so they can enjoy the book

Make reading fun and remember the value of the 3 P’s  - Pause, Prompt, Praise!