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Cranbourne East Primary School

Information and Communications Technology Curriculum Overview

We provide every student in our school access to Information and Communications Technology on a regular timetabled basis throughout the year.  The Students have access to a well-resourced Information and Communications Technology lab with both Windows and Mac laptops, as well as iPods, iPads, video cameras and a green screen for movie making.

Foundation (Year Prep) – Year 2

Students in our junior classes learn with a CREATE focus.

Students participate in a cyber safety unit with a focus on ‘Think’. Students explore how to keep their personal information safe, cyber bullying and computer safety. Students develop their computer skills by learning to use a range of stimulating tools designed to encourage organisation, creativity and collaborative skills. 

Year 3 – Year 6

Students in our classes learn with a ‘Create, Communicate, Collaborate’ focus.

An engaging Information and Communications Technology program is provided to all students, which is flexible in an ever-changing world of digital learning.

Students also participate in a cyber safety unit with a focus on ‘Am I part of the problem, or the solution’. The students explore how to keep themselves safe when online, and also explore privacy and the importance of a clean digital footprint.

The students learn how to create, format, edit and publish videos, email, use the cloud, program original games, website design and data collation.