Cranbourne East Primary School

A Public Private Partnership (PPP) Model School.

Cranbourne East Primary School is built under the Department of Education and Training’s Public Private Partnership (PPP) Schools Model. 

The school which opened in 2011 is financed, designed, constructed and maintained over 25 years of the life of the contract. 

A public private partnership captures the most efficient elements of both the public and private sectors to deliver infrastructure and related services for Victoria.

The modern cutting edge and world-class school facility design bring together leading architectural, construction and maintenance expertise to deliver first class educational facilities in the growing Hunt Club community.

A typical PPP involves a service contract where the government pays the private sector to deliver infrastructure and related services and is responsible for the condition of the school.  Principals and teachers will be relieved from the day-to-day maintenance of school facilities and grounds including cleaning so they can focus on student learning without the distraction of undertaking maintenance. If a repair is required, for example, school staff will simply have to call the maintenance provider, who will be obliged to make the repair within a set period of time.

Under the New Schools PPP Project, Government will remain responsible for education provision, staffing, curriculum and teacher practice.