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Cranbourne East Primary School


In every learning space at Cranbourne East Primary School two hours daily is designated to the student’s literacy development. Our literacy program is based on two successful programs - CAFÉ Reading and VCOP/Big Write. In our learning spaces there will also be a strong focus on Visual literacies and oral language.

School wide we are using the CAFÉ reading program. This program emphasises the importance of comprehension, accuracy, fluency and expanded vocabulary. During this time students choose ‘just fit books’ at their own level and interest. The students participate in sustained reading where they read a variety of books for a set period of time. Teachers regularly meet with students to assess reading goals and identify reading strengths. 

VCOP and Big Write - This is a writing program that goes on the basis of ‘if you can’t say it, you can’t write it’. VCOP stands for Vocabulary, Connectives, Openers and Punctuation and encourages students to explore these in their writing and through the use of games with their peers. Big Writes at Cranbourne East Primary School will occur each fortnight. The day prior to your child’s Big Write session they will come home with ‘Talk Homework’. Please discuss the ‘Talk Homework’ with your child as it provides them the chance to express their ideas for their writing session the following day. During Big Write sessions students are given a stimulus to write on with a particular focus. 

Our students will also be exposed to a wide range of Visual literacies. Visual literacies may be a picture, photograph or a small film clip, which engages students and gives them the same experiences to discuss and ask questions about. Teachers use this to encourage thinking and thoughts prior to writing or to teach particular strategies.