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Cranbourne East Primary School

Marine Ambassador Program

In 2015 Cranbourne East Primary School is participating in “I Sea, I Care”

‘I Sea, I Care’ is an award-winning Victorian Marine Ambassador Program with the goal of convincing Victorians that our marine treasures are too precious too lose. We want to foster a strong sense of “Marine and Coastal Self-esteem” and stewardship for the truly unique marine ecosystems and species in southern Australia.

‘I Sea, I Care’ has benefited over 2000 young Ambassadors, developing them as peer eduators, leaders, public speakers and has given them experiences that develop them as individuals that ripple through their school community. Schools have between two and four ambassadors.

Dolphin Research Institute

The program provides four workshops, resources and newsletters to help Ambassadors work in their schools. ‘I Sea, I Care’ TV and other curriculum support additional value.

The students develop presentation and leadership skills, whilst learning about the marine environment. Focusing on a different theme every term, the Ambassadors will bring back the message to your school community that Victoria’s marine treasures are “to precious to lose.” Each term the students present to the school in different forums.

The workshops for 2015 will be

  • Workshop 1: Peer teaching – Marine Ambassadors learn how to bring environment messages back to the rest of the school.
  • Workshop 2: Marine Parks – Marine Ambassadors visit local Marine Parks
  • Workshop 3: Catchments – The Ambassadors visit a catchment to see where the rubbish from drains is collected.
  • Workshop 4: Working Bee – The Ambassadors work at a working bee in a local environmentally significant area.

The program develops leadership skills for our students as well as teaches them about very important environmental messages.